How to Consign 

How to consign? That's easy!

First, the hard work... going through your old items and parting with your beloved items.

Second, check those items for holes and stains.

Third, wash and fold those items and put them into a tote or laundry basket as we will not accept anything in trash bags! 

Fourth, bring those items in and trust us to look through them! 

Fifth, wait for your accepted items to sell and then... my personal favorite step 

Six, PROFIT! You either come in and collect your money or use it on items you find in the store! 


You may be asking yourself how will I know if they want my items, well I am here to tell you that if you have any name brand clothing no older than 2 years old that are Clean, Crisp & Current! We are more than willing to take a look at your items! 


So you are aware there are some items that we will not accept just so you do not bring them in and are upset when we cannot take them. We do not accept "mart" brands such as WalMart, KMart, Dollar Store, etc. These items are not what our customers are shopping for. Additionally, we are no longer accepting electronics, baby items, items with business logos on them, scrubs, men's suits, any business attire, beauty, costume jewelry, and items that are not properly prepared for consignment (please see above).  


If you’ve made it this far there are just a few more things you should know! 


Due to the volume of incoming items on a daily basis, there may be things we cannot use.  We will accept what we know sells with our customers. We accept items Monday thru Friday no appointment necessary. And do Buy-Out-Rights (buys) Monday-Saturday for 20% of floor price! 

As of Friday July 15th, 2022 new consigners will receive a 40/60% of their sold items accounts created prior to that date will remain 50/50% 


Thank you for understanding and for considering The Revolving Closet for your consigning needs.We look forward to seeing you!